October 1st "The problem is no longer getting people to express themselves, but providing little gaps of solitude and silence in which they might eventually find something to say. Repressive forces don’t stop people from expressing themselves, but rather, force them to express themselves. What a relief to have nothing to say, the right to say nothing, because only then is there a chance of framing the rare, or ever rarer, the thing that might be worth saying."
Gilles Deleuze, “Mediators” (via allisonburtch)
October 1st

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September 30th

Breathless (1960)

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September 30th


Frank Hallam Day - Ship Hulls (published 2011)

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September 28th "I think we could have been lovers, you know, real lovers, the kind that make coffee for each other and read the same books."
Catherynne M. Valente, Palimpsest  (via lipstick-bullet)

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September 27th

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September 25th menoftaste:




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September 24th

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September 21st "Be careful when you cast out your demons that you don’t throw away the best of yourself."
Friedrich Nietzsche, from Thus Spoke Zarathustra (via

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September 21st

Sugar by My Bloody Valentine